Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guides : How-to Extension Stone

All High Grade item are provided 150% - 180% more of basic property, it affected from the manufacturing skill and mini game as well. Example: a normal Hellfire base atk is 169-263, and a hellfire HG can be up to 304 - 473 on 180%.

Extension stones can be used on ANY High Grade items in game, it can be last forever (if you have ext. stones) :D

  • High Grade item will be 7 - 14 days as its expiry date once you unseal it.

  • Each Ext. stone, it extent our HG item by 10 Real Life days on the expiry date. Example: a HG gun was unsealed on Year [2007] [8] M [15] D , and expiry date on Y[2007] [8] M [29] D, 14days. when we use 1 ext stone on it, it become expriry date Y[2007] [9]M [9]D.

  • Extension stone can be used on HG item when it' Sealed or Unsealed. :D It will be added the 10 days into the HG itself.

As below, put the gun and ext stone. Click the button Expiry Extension. That's it. Currently, it is 100% success on Extension.

How to play Extension stone on HG item:

Hope this post will be helpful for who want to know more about Extension stone.

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